WhatsApp OTP scam: This upcoming feature may reduce the risk of your account getting hacked

There have been incidents where WhatsApp users lost access to their accounts after they shared a six-digit verification code received on the platform with someone claiming to be from the company.
The company is reportedly working on a feature that aims to tackle such frauds. According to a report in WABeta, WhatsApp is working on a new feature called Flash Call that will allow users to automatically verify their phone number when they try to log into WhatsApp.
The Flash Call feature will require user’s permission to access their phone’s call log, after which, it will automatically verify if they have received the call to give access to their WhatsApp account.

This feature has been spotted in the Android beta version of the app. As per the screenshots in the report, Flash Calls will be an optional feature. This means it is up to users to decide if they want to give WhatsApp access to their call log for Flash Calls or not.
Overall, Flash Calls seem to be a good idea. WhatsApp on its own too has warned users of such scams where cybercriminals claiming to be from the company call or send messages to users and ask them to share OTP. These callers usually scare users by saying that they need it to verify their account and that it will otherwise be deactivated.

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