What Does the New Yahoo Results Powered by Bing Mean for Website Owners, SEO, and Online Search?

As many of you have heard from Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Yahoo!, or Bing is now powering Yahoo's search results in USA and Canada. This is changing the online search business game in big ways. Bing is formerly MSN and the new brand of Microsoft's search is gaining a larger market share vs the other search engines.

Now Yahoo is at about roughly twelve percent search engine market share, and is including Bing results to be at about 25% share give or take in search. This search alliance will allow the two companies to better take on Google, the search engine behemoth who because of their advanced search algorithms hold in the upper 60 to 70 percent of the search engine market share.

If any webmaster or website owner had any penalties in Yahoo they are not carrying over the Bing results or SERPS. This is really important to know for SEO so that you don't have to worry about search penalties crossing over. Search penalties are extremely bad for website owners and are avoided at all costs. They range in severity and length and a website owner can dispute them in many cases. The place to do this is in Google webmaster tools or bring webmaster tools. These tools offer a plethora or array of goodies data-wise ranging from keyword searches, back-links found, page speed, mobile friendliness, and more.

Google makes up eighty eight point one percent of the search engine war for market share, which is no joke! Yahoo makes up 3 percent of search engine share as of 2021. Bing is at six percent of the search engine market share respectively. Duckduckgo is at 2.5 (2.44 percent to be exact). The percent of the market share battle for search engine site share is a continuous digital web battle for share.

Why is Google so dominant in the search engine market share battle? It's dominant for a few reasons. The main reason when I do an A/B is that Yahoo and Bing are that Google's shear database size/server redundancy is very impressive. Google pulls up the most results of any search engine. For example I googled "computer" as a solo keyword. Google brings up 3.6 billion results, Yahoo brings up 2.4 million results, Bing brings up 2.1 million results respectively.

The second reason in my opinion is that Google's algorithm is updated more often and is more complex. This helps it to use more SEO factors (over 300) to pull up the best web page in the number one spot. Back-links, Page speed, (mobile friendly view=ports are all important).

Thirdly, Google's UX or user experience is bar none compared to it's main rival Yahoo. Google used mostly white space on its home page with the Google logo and the search box right in the middle of the web page. Yahoo on the other hand makes more money ironically from it's news feature. Google always Google AdWords.

I'm a computer scientist who attends graduate school at Harvard University for software engineering. Search engines have always fascinated me very much so. They are a web landing page portal that pulls results into an array[], usually using PHP or another server side language such as ASP.NET. The data is requested from a plethora of servers around the US, the world, and is processed back to the browser client browser on your computer in the search engine results pages or SERPS. They truly revolutionized the way we use computers to find information on the internet are are definitely worth studying. Don't forget to share any of your search engine programs on GIthub or Microsoft WebDev Azure code sharing and repositories (branches).

Yahoo will continue to run their own Pay per click advertising (PPC) program until later on in 2010 when Microsoft's Ad=center will be integrated in October. PPC strategy will need to change as well accordingly to the new upcoming system. This also means that there will be more competition coming up in Microsoft Ad=center and higher CPC's with the migration of Yahoo PPC users stumbling into Microsoft Ad=center.

Yahoo is also working on finalizing their revenue program for Yahoo Search BOSS and other search tools. You'll see the words "powered by Bing" at the bottom of Yahoo search results for confirmation.

Bing is supposed to have search technology somewhat comparable to Google's search algorithm and indexing which is a huge step from their low quality MSN information retrieval and online search. They do still differ however and Google still has 65.8% of the online search engine market share.

Source by Joe Fanning

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