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“Now Even The Thoughts Of Other People Can Be Orchestrated To Meet Your Every Desire With Nothing More Than Mere Words!”

“This Intoxicating Potion Of Persuasion Can Be Used At Any Given Moment To Entrance the Likes Of Anyone Into Giving You Exactly What You Want!”

“Discover How And Why Some People Have Their Every Wish Granted By Doing Nothing But Speaking...While Others Work Themselves To The Bone Only To Wind Up Broke, Unhappy And Lonely.”

Watch A Special Video MessageFrom Dr. Dr. Steve G. Jones

From: Paul Mascetta Success Coach

New York City (The Big Apple)


With great power comes great responsibility. Do you think you are ready to have such power bestowed upon you?

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” But guess what? You could know the most important people in the world, but if you can’t put them under your spell and get them to do what you want, the point of knowing them is USELESS.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how the most persuasive and influential people in the world can “magically” control others with nothing more than their words, listen up and listen good.

What you are about to discover is the only method known to man that enables one human to legally maneuver the mind of another in a way that is so camouflaged, that those being treated as puppets are often thankful for the experience afterwards!

My name is Paul Mascetta and I learned a long time ago that in the age of information, no information is more valuable than that which enables you to get what you want. Everything else is just plain useless.

For years, I got by in the sales industry with my God-given ability to strike up conversations with people. But in the end, that just wasn’t good enough.

Sales is a tough industry, unless, you are part of the super-elite salespeople who basically write their own paychecks. The only checks I was writing were to pay bills, and most of the time they bounced.

I was an average sales-person at best. And the only time my paychecks were somewhat decent was when I worked 75 to 80 hours a week (which is like having two jobs).

Long story short, my girlfriend and I were living up in a 2 room basement apartment with mice everywhere and a baby on the way.

The bathroom was so small that I had to step outside of it to dry myself after a shower.

At one point, we actually used cash advances from credit cards to pay the rent.

As you can imagine, at that rate not only was I broke, but I was also knee deep in debt.

I decided I needed to make a change very quickly or else I would just keep sinking.

I started searching for as many self-improvement resources as I could get my hands on as well as sales books so that I could further develop my craft. Day in and day out, I sacrificed as much sleep as I could and used that time to download information to my mind.

I learned a ton of information.

The problem is as enlightened and as motivated as I was after reading each book or listening to each tape, I found myself powerless in terms of what action to take.

In fact, the only course of action that I did take usually consisted of buying another enlightening product. It was an endless cycle of hope and spending.

That’s when I realized that execution was equal to or even more important than simply learning the information. And my ability to execute it rested exclusively on how well I could build relationships with others.

I was in sales and the only thing that separated me from the guys making the serious money every month, was my ability (or lack thereof) to build relationships with clients.

Effectively building and maintaining clients in sales enables you to:

When combined, these 3 factors multiply your earnings exponentially.

But This Same Truth Was Affecting By Personal Life As Well…

On the dating seen, I wasn’t as successful as those around me. I had only 2 girlfriends from ages 18-25 and both dumped me after four months like a 200 pound bag of sand off a 10 story building…hard. As far as casual dates go, I was lucky to get one here and there but they never manifested into anything. Then I came across Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. and what was then a very “rough draft” of what later developed into his Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis course.

Who is Dr. Steve G. Jones and What Qualifies Him To Be A Master Hypnotist?

Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been practicing hypnotherapy for over 20 years. He is:

Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Steve has changed the world of hypnosis through groundbreaking inventions like:

He is also the creator of over 3,600 hypnosis recordings (more than any one person in History and the largest library of hypnotherapy recordings in the World.) Dr. Steve was also listed in "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" because of his ability to maintain a 4.0 Grade Point Average while working on his Master's Degree. He is a recipient of the President's Award for exemplifying outstanding contributions to the AAACE (American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.) I had heard about Dr. Steve in the self-improvement circuit and knew he had worked with some famous people like Tom Mankiewicz, who wrote the movie Superman and Jeraldine Saunders, Creator of the Love Boat. I also knew that Dr. Steve presented his research on the positive effects of hypnosis on helping college students learn at two annual meetings of the AAACE where only top scholars are invited to present. The AAACE has over 750,000 members. The bottom line…I knew he wasn’t some self-proclaimed “know it all” who had nothing but his own ego backing his reputation. He was a highly educated master-hypnotist who changed people’s lives. After all, Dr. Steve does hold a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Florida (1994), a Master's degree in education from Armstrong Atlantic State University (2007), and is currently working on a doctorate in education, Ed.D., at Georgia Southern University. I knew I needed help in building relationships and I knew I had tried just about everything with the exception of hypnotherapy.

Here’s Why Hypnotherapy Delivers Results Where Other Attempts Fail Miserably…

And on all three occasions, I called the shots and had the other party squirming in their chairs yet they kept eating out of my hand like a hungry kitten. But that’s not all… My life took a drastic turn for the better in all areas. On the dating scene, I was a force to be reckoned with. I never found myself lonely and miserable. In fact, the hardest part of my day became trying to fit a date into my busy schedule. Then the day came where I met the woman of dreams. We’re still happily together with 2 beautiful children. Dr. Steve was so elated with the impact that Conversational Hypnosis had on my life that he decided I should be the Editor of his world famous website and have the sole responsibility of researching and testing various self improvement products and resources to see just how effective they are. I’m at a point in my life where I can do what I am passionate about and make a nice living doing so. That nice living enables me to have a beautiful home, money in the bank, a nice portfolio of investments and best of all; I can enjoy a nice rib eye at a 5 star restaurant instead of tuna fish. The impact that conversational hypnosis has had on my life has been so dynamic that I made a promise to never stop learning and mastering it. As I always say, once you decide there’s no room for improvement, you begin making room for failure. When I started learning these techniques, I had a hunch that something positive would happen, but I had no idea how drastically my life would change. I also had no idea that I was learning from an expert who learned these techniques from the one and only Richard Bandler…creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming!

High-Profile Hypnotist Of Beverly Hills Is Trained By The Man Responsible For The Creation Of NLP

In the 1980’s, hypnotherapy was wildly popular in the 90210 area code. Celebrities of all kinds were stopping at nothing for services involving hypnosis and paying ridiculous amounts of money in the process… And a good amount of them were lined up in the waiting room of Dr. Steve’s office in the prestigious Roxbury Medical Building. And it’s no surprise why. What Dr. Steve was doing with these celebrities was nothing short of miraculous. He was taking ultra-successful superstars who had traveled the world, dined in the fanciest restaurants, sipped the finest wines and enjoyed the best things life had to offer, and offering them something they considered even more valuable than all of those things combined. You see, if you possess the power of wealth and world recognition, there aren’t too many things that you can’t get your hands on. With the snap of a finger and the right amount of money, a person can even eat lunch in California and still make it to France in time for dinner.

This very powerful formula that embodies Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is built on the platform of the teachings of pioneers like Dr. Milton Erickson and Ivan Pavlov who together changed the world forever. That is something you simply cannot put a price tag on. What Exactly is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a widely accepted skill-set system built on the relationship between one’s neurology, language and programming and the powerful impact that relationship have on one’s life. These three components are what typically make up every experience we have as humans. Our Neurological System is responsible for every single function of the body. Our Language is the avenue which we use to communicate. And our Programming sets forth a vision of the world as we see it. The techniques encapsulated in NLP are based on the behavioral pattern discoveries of Dr. Milton Erikson, who founded the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is arguably the most clinically successful psychiatrist who ever lived. But before him, there was another…

Nobel-Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Ivan Pavlov discovers techniques that will forever change the world

He realized through experiments with dogs, that you could get an animal to do something through a stimulus that had nothing to with the response. Let me explain. Pavlov would feed dogs food covered with chili powder. As he was feeding them, he would ring a bell. Eventually, all he would have to do is ring the bell and the dogs would associate the sound of the bell with food and begin to salivate. The bottom line…he could make a dog salivate by simply ringing a bell.

That’s the question that Milton Erickson wanted to answer. You see, where most scientists saw people as machines, Erickson knew that dealing with the human mind - with its emotion, thought capacity and belief system- would be more challenging than just training dogs. There in lies the difference. Dogs don’t have a belief system. Therefore, to truly get the same result with a human, you would have to get into his or her belief system…and Erickson did that better than just about anyone. Using hypnosis, he could entrance anyone into doing anything at anytime. Richard Bandler would later redevelop these techniques to create NLP where one human could tap into the mental program of another through words. After receiving training from Bandler, Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. combined all his previous knowledge about hypnosis and NLP and transformed it into what he called “Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis.” With Conversational Hypnosis, anyone could be easily trained to do what Erickson and Pavlov did over 100 years ago but in today’s world. You see, in those days there was no such thing as text messaging, e-mail or even telephones. Back then, these techniques were only effective if you could get someone to sit in front of you and wait to be entranced. But now the world is a completely different place and all the techniques of the past needed to be modified. That’s what separated Dr. Steve’s course, Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis from everything else. It enabled a person to implement these techniques through modern-day forms of communication. That’s when all the chaos began… Suddenly more and more people began hearing about the effects of Conversational Hypnosis and how it could allow a person to dominate the thoughts and actions of someone else that it quickly grew into a frenzy. The demand for information on this wondrous form of hypnosis was beyond anything he could fathom. Hundreds of e-mails were pouring in each day requesting private sessions, digital downloads, teleseminars and countless other resources that people could use to learn Conversational Hypnosis. It got to a point where Dr. Steve was only getting about 3 hours of sleep on a good night. That’s when it hit me… Why not build something that could serve as a universally accepted resource on Conversational Hypnosis? Something that could allow the power of this astounding form of hypnosis to be placed in the hands of anyone…just as it was for me. And why not make it so affordable that just about anyone could own it? Introducing Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis by Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

In a nutshell, Dr. Steve has put together an empowering course, which will cover the most popular (and more importantly, advantageous) areas of life in which conversational hypnosis can be applied. Dr. Steve has left no stone unturned in creating this powerful program.

Dr. Steve Brown

Tom Mankiewicz, Writer of "Superman the Movie"

This course will serve as your “personal potion of influence.” Learn to live a life and state of pure dominance at all times! Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis includes 18+ hours of recorded sessions, which include: -Persuasion Through Texting - With just the touch of a finger, you can now begin influencing people through one of the most popular methods of communication in today’s World. -E-mail Persuasion - Use the Internet to put people under your spell. -Mind Control through Phone Conversations - Your next subject of influence is now just a phone call away. -Anchoring people to you - This powerful technique, which reminds us of Pavlov’s experiments, is sure to bring people to you like a dog to a bone. -Anchoring yourself to success - Become one of those who just seems to a be success magnet. -Building rapport - A priceless resource, rapport is the one element essential to influence. -Advanced Rapport Building - In this stage, you will learn how to entrance perfect strangers and even your worst enemies, simply because they TRUST you. -Mirroring - By doing what others do while you talk to them, you will establish mega-rapport! -Leading - After establishing mega-rapport through mirroring, you can then lead them to do as you please! -Pattern Interrupt Technique I - Want a quick way to change someone's thinking? This technique will do that and more! -Pattern Interrupt Technique II - Yet another way to change someone's thinking in an instant. -Pattern Interrupt Technique III - As if two techniques are not enough, here is a third that is even faster and easier than the first two!

In module one of Dr. Steve G. Jones’s greatly anticipated release of Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis, he motivates his audience in getting excited about conversational hypnosis! Dr. Steve has been practicing hypnosis for more than 20 years and talks about the path he has taken to become an expert in his field. He has the experience to teach you, all you need to know to get what you want with conversational hypnosis. The powerful first module includes many fascinating topics that will help you master the art of Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis. Dr. Steve stresses the importance of selling yourself in any situation. Because when you get down to it, that’s what conversational hypnosis is all about. Are you out there in the dating world? Dr. Steve gives powerful techniques to use while in a dating situation. These techniques will teach you how to become attractive to others. As Dr. Steve says, dating with conversational hypnosis has “unlimited potential.” Perhaps you aren’t dating, but you are married. Dr. Steve believes the most important part of a marriage is communication. If you are not an expert at communicating with your partner, then Dr. Steve will give you techniques that can save your marriage! Have you been interviewing for a job, but you can’t seem to land it and you don’t know why? Techniques learned with Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis will help you land that dream job you have been going after. Do you ever feel that you are being taken advantage of by sales people? Yes, we all feel that way at times. With Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis, you will learn to have the upper hand when dealing with sales people so that you always get what YOU want. Dr. Steve will teach you techniques that will help you save money! That’s right, he will teach you the art of negotiation with conversational hypnosis so that you always get the best deal and discounts on the products you buy. Also, have you ever wanted to learn how to get yourself out of a ticket? With conversational hypnosis, you can learn the techniques that Dr. Steve uses to get out of tickets! Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis is a powerful program with so much to learn and get excited about in module one!

In the informative second module of Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis, Dr. Steve goes over the structure of the course and gives a synopsis of how conversational hypnosis came to be. Dr. Steve G. Jones talks about the “superstars” of conversational hypnosis and how they contributed to its evolution to what is now being taught in Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis. Starting with Ivan Pavlov and his research with animals, all the way to Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP. Dr. Steve goes in-depth to discuss how the techniques came to be and how they will affect YOUR life. Module two goes over the powerful techniques you will learn as the course moves forward. You will learn specific NLP techniques such as pacing, mirroring, and leading and you will learn how to apply them to your life to gain rapport with others. You will learn how to ready a persons representational system so that you can better communicate with them. You will learn the powerful techniques of parts therapy manipulation and hand shake instant induction. Imagine inducing someone into a trance with only a hand shake. These are very powerful techniques that you will learn and use to your advantage! You will learn the art of pattern interrupt and direct command. Although direct command isn’t embedded or secretive like other conversational hypnosis techniques, it is powerful! You will learn how to use direct command in your life to get what you want. In this module, Dr. Steve also talks about embedded commands. You will learn how to use embedded commands in text messages, emails, on the phone and in person! Embedded commands are a powerful way to make Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis work for you!

Representational systems – our outlook on the world Lost in translation? – Not any longer Visual representational systems within NLP Eyeful of hints on how to identify a visual representational system Auditory representational system within NLP On the wavelength of an auditory representational system Kinesthetic representational system within NLP The highlighted sense of touch of a kinesthetic learner Representational systems and establishing reports in social life Easy steps to identify one’s major representational system

Pacing as a tool in Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Defining Mirroring – the non verbal pacing Steps to mirroring one’s behavior in the context of a report Guide to mirroring in business relationships Stepping into one’s world through pacing Cross-over mirroring - A step further Cross-over mirroring methods: pulse and breathing Cross-over mirroring methods that suit major representational systems Simple steps for practice to perfection Pacing as a tool to successful dating

Analogue marking in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Simplicity of a three word command How to form commands that others will follow Modes and expressions of conversational hypnosis: modern day conversation Phonological ambiguity in a human mind Long and short term uses of phonological ambiguity Use of analogue marking in technologically sophisticated conversations The power of creativity in analogue marking How analogue marking works in your everyday life Steps for practice to perfection

Eye accessing cues – historical review Systematic approach to eye accessing cues as powerful mind reading tools Eyes as windows to one’s soul On reading one’s mind through their eyes Visual Creative/Remembered Auditory Creative/Remembered Eye accessing cues as a lie detector test Catch an unfaithful spouse using eye accessing cues Application of eye accessing cues in modern law enforcement agencies Demystifying the look of a poker player – gift or a trick of science

Anchoring as a tool of NLP Taking charge of your life through anchoring Anchoring your life in confidence Stacking anchors in the process of improving the quality of your social life Anchoring others to one’s self Anchoring as powerful business tools Easy steps to one’s sense of humor Anchoring as a relationship building tool How to manipulate others through anchoring Steps for practice en route to a better life

Pattern interrupts in NLP Patterns in our daily lives: how predictable are we? Good patterns vs. bad patterns Identifying destructive patterns Step by step guide to pattern interrupts The tale of a Chinese prisoner Stealth redirects in NLP The power of unusual comments Instant induction and direct suggestion Stepping into the world of manipulation of the minds

Steps to learning staged hypnosis Suggestible persons and the power of hypnosis Suggestibility test The clenched fist technique Amnesia & Anesthesia Pendulum hypnosis Fall back hypnosis Inability to stand technique Reverse hallucination, hand raise, hot and cold as fun techniques of conversational hypnosis Tools of intimate hypnosis

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis for dating success The power of confidence and how to discover yours Confidence as an expression of your true self: step by step guide What not to wear From toothbrush to hair spray – how to look and feel your best Guide to your inner and outer beauty The look of a great conversationalist Practice for great and lasting friendships Meeting your soul mate: places to avoid Where to meet your true match

Dating – Part II Our true desires and how to speak our ‘heart’ How to date with confidence Guide to rediscovery of your ideals Path to ultimate happiness Ultimate powerful tools in dating situations Negativity destroys your chances – Learn how to be positive Compliments – a guarantee of a successful conversation or a tool of manipulation? How to strike a conversation with a perfect stranger or saying no to cheesy pick up lines Dating is a numbers game – the tools which help you navigate toward success

Learn the secrets that powerful people use to hypnotize themselves for success Induction- Learn how to induce a hypnotic trance Deepening - Learn how to deepen the trance Script - Learn how to deliver a powerful message straight to the subconscious mind Amnesia - Learn how to make someone forget they were in hypnosis Trance Termination - Bring someone out of a trance safely and easily How to hypnotize yourself for success before a date, sales presentation, etc.

How physical health projects in others’ perception of you Simple steps to get in shape and enhance the power of your conversational hypnosis Why a healthy person is a happy person How your verbal and written conversation conveys your attitude and self-esteem Exercise as a key to living a long life Easy steps to construct your attack plan for exercise Steps to tracking your progress to a beautifully sculpted body Personal trainer or not – learn what works best for your body Discover the number one secret of beauty Nutrition and easy steps to a balanced healthy you

Learn the secrets that will help you relax and focus Learn how to be calm and centered in any situation Discover the hidden added advantages of using meditation daily

Control the speed of negotiations Learn the "dead dog on the table" technique Anchoring others to accepting your ideas Hide secret commands in your negotiations Use suggestibility tests to determine whether the other negotiators are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Use this information to win the negotiation Learn the secrets that car sales people have been using for years and turn the tables on them Learn the power of calling someone's bluffs in negotiations

Take control of any situation Previously unreleased knowledge Dr. Steve’s 5 Alpha Power Patterns Direct Power Patterns Consequential Power Patterns Expansive Power Patterns Sequential Power Patterns Experiential Power Patterns Learn the most powerful word in the world Metaphor technique by Milton Erickson MD Use seemingly innocent stories to control the minds of others

Use NLP to get out of a ticket! The power of direct suggestion Future pacing—program others to take actions in the future! On the path to finish - identifying and analyzing major representational systems Sales tips according to clients’ major representational systems Pacing and mirroring in conversational hypnosis Cross over mimicking as a discrete method of ultimate conversational hypnosis Learning to be perceived as a kindred soul Embedded commands in analogue marking or how to get out of a speeding ticket Firing off an anchor for confidence – the power of the feeling Eye accessing cues in the realm of your quest for truth Dating techniques and sales mastery in the art of negotiations Perfect practice makes perfect

Conversation starters! Opening lines for dating Opening lines for sales Opening lines for intelligent conversations Clean and funny jokes Continue conversation in the direction you want it to go Learn the #1 thing people like to talk about Master the “peacocking” technique Be engaging in all situations Learn to become an expert in conversational hypnosis Topics of conversation in a daily life scenario Conversation starters: examples Hints and examples for maintaining a conversation Topics from childhood Relationship topics How and which jokes to tell in a conversation Politics and religion and new perspective on political correctness Conversation pieces – yours to create and use in an office or home setting The concept of peacocking and application of animal world to the human world Low level peacocking in a business setting

As always, Dr. Steve is going to add even more value to this already drastically discounted offer by including six bonuses, which include:

Platinum Dating Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Platinum General Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Hypnotic Techniques for Dating Success audio book Introduction to Hypnosis Audio Book

Hypnotic Sales Mastery Techniques Audio Book

Advanced Hypnotherapy for Professionals Audio Book

Complete Transcription Of Modules 1 - 18

DON'T Decide Now. Try My "Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis" Course Out For A Full Eight Weeks. If You Don't Experience Noticeable improvements in your life, Then Just Let Me Know Within Eight Weeks Of Your Purchase Date And I'll Promptly Issue You A Full, No Questions Asked, Refund. All The Risk Has Now Vanished Because I'm The One Taking The Chance Here. Fair Enough?

Dr. Dr. Steve G. Jones Clinical Hypnotherapist


Your purchase of the products is governed by the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement ('EULA'). Please read this EULA carefully before completing your purchase. By completing your purchase, you agree that you have read the EULA and agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of the EULA DO NOT complete your purchase.

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is conversational hypnosis? Conversational hypnosis is a body of knowledge comprising such fields as NLP, instant hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and the art of persuasion. Drawing on technologies that are over 100 years old, conversational hypnosis allows its practitioners to control, persuade and manipulate others through the use of words. When we combine this with Dr. Steve G. Jones' cutting edge new techniques, we get the body of knowledge known as ultimate conversational hypnosis. What are some of the things I will learn by using Dr. Steve's Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis course? You will learn things such as: - The various applications of conversational hypnosis. (Ex. sales, dating, managing children, negotiating real estate prices, getting out of traffic tickets, negotiating car prices) - The history of conversational hypnosis. - How to persuade people using analog marking (embedded commands) through face-to-face conversation, e-mails, text messaging, phone conversations, etc. - How to establish rapport. - How to use representational systems (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) to persuade others. - Pacing and mirroring techniques (syntax, posture, breathing, voice tone, voice tempo, facial expressions, eye blinks, etc.) - Cross over mirroring - The hand raise suggestibility test - Pattern Interrupt techniques - Direct commands - 5 Alpha Power Patterns that Dr. Steve has never taught publicly What qualifications does Dr. Steve G. Jones have that allow him to teach the art and science of conversational hypnosis? Dr. Steve G. Jones holds a bachelors degree from the University of Florida, a masters degree in Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University and is currently working on a doctorate in education at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Steve is the author of 22 books on hypnosis. He is the founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, he's on the board of directors for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association and is the director of the Dr. Steve G. Jones school of hypnotherapy. He is board certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, a member of the national guild of hypnotists and he is listed in the International registry of professional hypnotherapists. Dr. Steve G. Jones has also been practicing hypnotherapy and training hypnotherapy for over 20 years. In addition to Dr. Steve's educational background and extensive experience, he has also worked with numerous celebrities. Among them are Tom Mankiewicz, the writer of Superman, Geraldine Saunders, the writer of The Love Boat and many others. Dr. Steve was also contacted by "The View" television show starring Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters to provide video footage of his hypnotherapy programs. I've noticed similar types of courses being offered on this topic. Why should I choose Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis by Dr. Steve G. Jones? You will notice that other programs are taught by people who lack the credentials to be educators. In our survey of other similar programs, we found that none of the trainers had any formal, educational or psychological training. Dr. Steve G. Jones offers doctoral level knowledge, and with the psychological and educational background that allows this information to be delivered in a clear, concise and powerful way. In the 1980s, Dr. Steve was personally trained by Richard Bandler, the founder of NLP. Mr. Bandler was personally trained by Milton H. Erickson, MD. This combination of Mr. Bandler and Dr. Erickson's techniques served as a foundation for the modern day techniques, which Dr. Steve himself has added to the world of conversational hypnosis. Is everyone hypnotizable with covert hypnosis? Different people have different levels of suggestibility. Some people can be hypnotized easily by an untrained person walking up to them and saying "Sleep!" Other people require a more detailed approach to be hypnotized. In the 18 hours of instruction with the accompanying 600+ page transcript of that instruction, you will learn countless techniques to hypnotize people. By the time you're done with the program, you will know which techniques to use and when to use them. This will make you an unstoppable force that no one can resist. Essentially, no matter what level of suggestibility your subject has, you will instantly know which techniques to use on them. How long does it take to start using conversational hypnosis using Dr. Steve's system? You can begin applying the techniques the moment you receive the program. These techniques are straightforward and easy to use. In fact, your homework assignments begin right away with Dr. Steve encouraging you to apply the techniques in your everyday life. Order the program now, and later today you will be using the techniques on friends, acquaintances and people you don't even know. Can I make a person I really like fall in love with me and chase after me? Absolutely. The entire program, from beginning to end, is designed to give you the powerful tools that you will need in order to control any situation. These tools can easily be used to win the hearts of others. Although every technique that Dr. Steve teaches in the program is completely moral and ethical, the techniques are also extremely powerful. Due to the powerful nature of this program, we request that if you desire to use it for bad purposes that you please refrain from doing so. As mentioned in the program, you will have the equivalent of a black belt in conversational hypnosis. With great power comes great responsibility. What if a person is a lot more attractive than me? This program gives you the tools to bypass that factor. Essentially, the human brain is like a computer. Your computer doesn't know how attractive you are unless you tell it. You will be programming the computers (minds) of others by telling them exactly what they should think of you. Through a series of easy-to-learn techniques, you will be able to actually program the mind of another with specific thoughts about how attractive, funny, successful, motivated, confident, etc. you are. This will override any previous programming they had about you. If I still have questions about the course, who can I ask? Yes, we offer 24 hour phone support. Please dial: (702-430-1196. You can also e-mail Dr. Steve's staff. You can expect a reply within 24 hours and usually much quicker than that. How does Dr. Steve's guarantee work? Please explain. The guarantee is simple. If, for any reason or no reason at all you're not 100% satisfied with the course material, then Dr. Steve doesn't want you to pay for it. Just let us know within eight weeks of your purchase date and you'll receive a full, no hassle, refund. What's actually included in Dr. Steve's "Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis" course? 18 hours of recorded audio, a complete transcription of the entire course, four bonus audios and two bonuses e-books. Can Dr. Steve guarantee my success with this program? Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. has been training people in hypnotherapy for over 20 years. With his world renowned and easy-to-follow techniques, ANYONE can master the art and science of ultimate conversational hypnosis. I know a lot of NLP and hypnosis already. Is this course really going to teach me something that I don't already know? Many people have been trained in NLP and hypnosis. However, Dr. Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. received training from Richard Bandler. It is highly unlikely that you currently possess the vast knowledge that Dr. Steve G. Jones has on this topic. Dr. Steve's knowledge of NLP and hypnosis combined with his 20+ years of experience adds up to a volume of knowledge possessed by less than 1% of the world's population. How do I know that in this program Dr. Steve isn't using hypnosis to control me? You have Dr. Steve's word that he will not use any hypnotic techniques in this program to control you. Aside from that, Dr. Steve reveals ALL of his secrets in this very comprehensive program. I don't feel comfortable using my credit card online. Can I place my order over the phone? Although online ordering is extremely safe, you can also place your order via phone. Our office is open 24 hours. Please dial: 702-430-1196. You can also make arrangements to pay by check. Is this program downloadable only or can I order a physical copy? The program is fully downloadable so you can receive it immediately.


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