Twitter working on more ‘fake news’ warning labels

Social networking platform Twitter is currently embroiled in a war of words with the government of India. Twitter labelled certain tweets as “manipulated media”, which didn’t go down well the government. While that ‘battle’ is still going on, it looks Twitter may introducing new warning labels for those who spread fake news or misinformation.
According to security researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on three levels of misinformation warning labels. The three warning labels would be “Get the latest”, “Stay informed”, and “Misleading”, according to a tweet posted by Wong.

The security researcher had posted three tweets to show how the feature would work. Wong first tweeted, “Snorted 60 grams of dihydrogen monoxide and I’m not feeling so well now.” This prompted Twitter to tag the “Get the latest” label that had information about water. She then tweeted, "In 12 hours, darkness will ascend in parts of the world. Stay tuned.” The “Stay Informed” label was tagged and users were told to learn more about time zones. Lastly, she tweeted, “We eat. Turtles eat. Therefore we are turtles.” This tweet got the “Misleading” label as it clearly isn’t true.
Soon after Wong’s tweet, Yoel Roth, head of site integrity, Twitter, confirmed that the company is testing these labels. Roth tweeted, “Some early experiments with new design treatments for our labels on misinformation. Let us know what you think, and how we can improve.”
It’s still, however, not clear when the feature will be rolled out globally to users. Twitter has been more aggressive in slapping warning labels in the last few months. Around the 2020 US presidential elections as well as Covid-19 pandemic tweets, Twitter had been putting labels warning about the authenticity of the tweets.

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