Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0 Easy Peasy Plants 99% pure (5lb)
Price: $15.25
(as of May 31,2023 18:41:09 UTC - Details)

Easy Peasy Plants is committed to providing the highest quality fertilizers with the industry leading innovation to promote healthier plants, bigger blooms, bigger yields, and easier growing than anyone else. Nothing boosts blooms like Easy Peasy Plants Triple Super Phosphate. Made from the highest quality rock phosphate (0-45-0) and rendered into a form that is easily taken up by plants. Used to make sugars during photosynthesis and encourages healthy root, flower, and fruit development. Use 1 cup per 100 square feet of garden at the time of planting. Work into the top six inches of the soil. Follow up with applications every six to eight weeks during the growing season. Water thoroughly after applications. Guaranteed analysis 45% P2O5.
Enriched source of Phosphorus
Helps Root growth, fruit, and flower formation
Granular for easy application and feeds plants quickly
Use only 1 cup per 100 square feet at planting time and every 6 weeks
More economical than any other phosphate

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