Tinder’s new feature aimed at reducing offensive messages

NEW DELHI: Popular online dating app Tinder has introduced a new safety feature which aims to reduce the number of hateful messages sent on the platform. The new feature called Are You Sure? (AYS) will roll out soon for every user.
This new safety feature of Tinder uses artificial intelligence to detect offensive language. If the program finds that the language is offensive, then it will ask the user if they want to continue sending the message. The feature will make users rethink before sending an abusive or offensive message.
The company has been testing this feature for a while with some users and it feels that the AYS feature has managed to create a better environment for everyone. Tinder mentions that members who saw the AYS prompts were less likely to be reported for inappropriate messages over the next month, which indicates AYS is changing longer-term behaviour , not just behaviour in one conversation.
On the other hand, the members who have seen Does This Bother You? are more empowered to report bad behavior; reports of inappropriate messages increased 46 percent.
Tracey Breeden, Head of Safety and Social Advocacy for Match Group, said, "Words are just as powerful as actions, and today we’re taking an even stronger stand that harassment has no place on Tinder. The early results from these features show us that intervention done the right way can be really meaningful in changing behavior and building a community where everyone feels like they can be themselves.”
“We’re excited to see Tinder continue to innovate on safety. By conveying their expectation for respectful communication, and letting users pause a moment to rethink a message that might offend, Tinder is engaging its community to create a safer platform. And by giving users an easy way to flag harassing messages, this new tool will help Tinder identify — and take action against — those users who are unwilling to act responsibly,” added Breeden.

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