This is how Krafton can add a ‘desi’ touch to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an India-exclusive title, Krafton, the game developer, has already clarified that on the day of the announcement itself. The company has also confirmed that the game will get some exclusive in-game content, esports tournaments and leagues, etc.
However, there are still things that make it closer to PUBG Mobile instead of an India-exclusive title. Things like maps, gameplay, etc are still the game.
Take FAU:G for example. It’s far from a perfect game right now, but it offers something Indian can relate to like the soldiers, Galwan Ghati, etc. The idea here is to add more elements that should justify the games India-exclusive tag.
So, here are a few things that Krafton can do to give Battlegrounds Mobile India a better Indian feel to it.
Disclaimer: Do note that this more of a ‘wishlist’ and is unlikely to feature in Battlegrounds Mobile India ever.
A map based on Indian location
Wouldn’t it be great if Battlegrounds Mobile India gets a new map based in India? We think converting an abandoned area into a battle royale map will be a very interesting take and it will also allow players to relate more with the game.
Indian costumes and accessories
Adding more Indian elements will give this game a new and fresh feel. For example, Hats can be replaced by traditional Indian headgear. There are more such elements like Salwar suit, saari, dhoti, pajama, etc can also be added to the game. Perhaps give Indian clothing a try as well, though it might just look absurd.
Festival based themes
Well, this won’t be entirely an alien thing for Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile also used to release festive themes time-to-time. Also, we remember, when Krafron earlier announced the game with PUBG Mobile, they carried the entire Diwali theme in the poster.
Game and menu in Hindi and other regional languages
Playing the entire game in the regional language will not only make it more Indian but will also reach more players
Collaboration with Indian movies and stars
Crossovers are a popular part of battle royale games. If you follow Fortnite, Epic keeps on adding characters from Marvel movies. Even PUBG Mobile had several crossovers like Godzilla and Resident Evil. We can expect the same from Battlegrounds Mobile India, but with Indian movies and characters.
Indian Vehicles with IND number plate
Krafron can also include Indian vehicles like Battlegrounds Mobile India. For instance, UAZ can be replaced by Mahindra Jeep, Lada Niva can be replaced by Tata Safari or Scorpio, BMW R1100GS can be replaced by Classic Bullet or Pulsar, etc. Apart from this, the number plates should also have IND number plates.

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