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When demand for SEO training is as high as it is today, you can be sure that there will always be those looking to cash in by using their limited knowledge of the subject. The best way to do this is to greatly complicate the subject and make it look like a very difficult nut to crack. The more complex and difficult the whole thing appears to be, the easier it is to charge excessive fees to train people in it.

I will probably surprise you by stating that Search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO training is very simple because it is about the very basics of running any successful business. It is really that simple.

Let me give you a simple illustration.

If your trade was manufacturing chairs and you came into town to launch your business and found that there were 100 other companies doing exactly the same thing, what would you do? Would you say that it is too hard and complex to make chairs profitably in that town? (People say that it is impossible to feature in the top 10 search results of popular keywords that have to do with any trade and that no amount of SEO training can get you there).

Or would you instead look for your niche based on what you can do best and based also on the current demand in the market? You can for instance narrow yourself down to making chairs for the office and then go further and make office chairs only for big overweight people. Is there a way that you can make chairs that are not only bigger but would also be much more comfortable for a really big overweight person? That is precisely how businesses succeed in the real world and that is exactly how shrewd web site owners profit from lots of targeted traffic won from keyword hits from leading search engines like Google.

Source by Christopher Kyalo

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