Samsung to Apple fans: Your phone upgrade shouldn’t be a downgrade

NEW DELHI: Samsung has taken a cheeky potshot at Apple in its latest advertisements. The ads that make fun of Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max's camera have the tagline: 'Your phone upgrade shouldn't be a downgrade'.
The 15-second TV ads compare the cameras on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with that of Apple's top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Pro Max.
The first ad compares photos of a cheese sandwich that are claimed to have been taken by Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras. No surprises here, the picture taken by Galaxy S21 Ultra appears to offer considerably higher detail and clear image. In the ad Samsung says that its camera delivers "pin-sharp details" while asking viewers if Apple's camera captures a "detailed enough" image. The ad ends with the line: "Upgrade to epic details."

The second ad has Moon as the subject and shows off the telephoto capabilities of both the top-end phones. The picture aims to compare the digital 100x Space Zoom on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with the maximum 12x digital zoom on iPhone 12 Pro Max. The ad labels S21 Ultra 5G's image of the moon "Zoom in 100x". For iPhone's Moon image, it ask viewers to decide if its even "Close enough"? The ad ends with the line: "Upgrade to epic zoom."

Samsung launched Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G earlier this year. It is the most high-end smartphone of Samsung's 2021 Galaxy lineup and is priced at Rs 105999. The smartphone has a 108MP Wide camera, 12MP Ultra wide, 10M Telephoto (3x), 10M Telephoto (10x) and maximum zoom of up to 100x. There's a 40MP camera in the front.

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