pope francis: The Batmobile may be fictional but the ‘Popemobile’ is going to be real

Yes, it is true. Pope Francis is getting his own ‘Popemobile’ in the form of an electric vehicle by Fischer which would be called Ocean SUV. Henrik Fisker and Dr. Geeta Gupta-Fisker, co-founders of the company, recently travelled to the Vatican City to meet the Holy See, Pope Francis himself and presented him the idea and the vision of the design of an all-exclusive papal transport.
But why the Pope? Henrik Fisker says that he got inspired reading that Pope Francis is “very considerate about the environment and the impact of climate change for future generations”. Ergo, an electric vehicle for the Pope. But that is not all, when it comes to the vehicle being touted as environment-friendly. The interior of the vehicle will contain a variety of sustainable material, such as “carpets made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean”. This all-electric vehicle is claimed to provide the first exhaust-free and emissions-free experience for the people who have gathered to get the blessings of the Pope.
As per the official blog post: “The spacious interior of the Fisker Ocean SUV supports a large, modern, all-glass cupola, offering accessibility and visibility for Pope Francis to greet the faithful. This specially created Fisker Ocean will be the first all-electric papal transport – adding to a long line of iconic designs from the pen of Henrik Fisker.
The all-electric ‘Popemobile’ should be ready by next year, with productions beginning from November 17, 2022. Fisker claims that there are currently over 16,000 reservation holders for the electric SUV.
Would Bruce Wayne be jealous of the ‘Popemobile’ had he existed for real? Most probably not.

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