No, government is giving free internet for 3 months

Everyday there’s some new kind of misinformation or fake news that is spread on WhatsApp. Now, there’s a fake message that claims that the government is giving three months free internet that is doing the rounds on WhatsApp. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has clarified that there’s no scheme and people should not believe such forwarded WhatsApp messages. It also warned people to be careful before clicking on random links that accompany messages like this.
Miscreants are also spreading fake information about vaccine registration over SMS and WhatsApp. The government has also advised people to not download random apps to register for Covid-19 vaccine.

Recently, a fake message has started to spread claiming that the government will be able to read your WhatsApp messages.
In order to inform the sender that the receiver has read a particular message, WhatsApp uses two blue ticks. The fake message claims that there will be a ‘third blue tick’ indicating that the government has taken note of your message.
The fake message further claims that the government can take direct action against you for sending a WhatsApp message by indicating it with one “blue and two red ticks” and finally it claims that any WhatsApp message with “three red ticks” means you will get summons from the court. Readers are advised to not believe in any such message that they receive on WhatsApp.
Readers are advised to not blindly believe whatever messages they receive over WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a known hotbed of misinformation and fake news in India. Always check the veracity of the information independently.

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