Next Google Pixel phone may feature an in-display camera

Google’s next Pixel phone may come with an under-display camera feature. The company has reportedly filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for an in-display selfie camera. According to a report by LetsGo Digital, the patent was filed in September last year.
A selfie camera under the display enables manufacturers to reduce the size of a phone’s bezels. This eliminates the need for a notch or punch-hole camera, allowing edge-to-edge screen.
Smartphone maker ZTE has already launched a phone with an under-screen camera. It has unveiled the ZTE Axon 20. Other mobile companies Oppo, Xiaomi and Samsung are expected to release their first under-screen camera phones later this year.
The report says that the in-screen camera technology is not so easy to apply, without compromising image quality. As per the patent, Google has come up with a solution. It describes a smartphone having a front-facing camera placed beneath the display. While a second camera is placed opposite the camera under the main screen. Between the two a prism is tugged.
When the camera is activated, the prism rotates in a manner that incoming light reaches the camera, enabling users to take high-quality pictures and video recordings. According to the documentation, the optical module is shielded by a window that is about 2 to 3 mm in size. When not in use, content displayed on the second screen is reflected through the prism on the main display.

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