Monolike Message & Label Sticker ver.2 Set – Mini Size Cute Stickers, Index Stickers
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Product Description monolikemonolike

Message & Label Sticker - Retro

message label - retromessage label - retro



message&label retro

message&label retro

message label - sketch

message label - sketch Message & Label Ver.1

The message label sticker is contained in the package case, so it's easy to store.

The stickers are composed of 51 pieces, 3 each.

(Retro consists of 60 pieces, 3 each)

The number of stickers varies from type to type, so please check and purchase them.

Message & Label - Retro

It's a sticker designed to take notes.

The design and size of the sticker embedded in the package are different, so you can use it in a variety of ways.

Please purchase after checking the sticker composition and size.

Message & Label - Sketch

Choose the design you want and attach it to the props.

You can mark the name or take notes by attaching it to the sauce container, stationery, gift box, book, etc.

Message & Label Sticker - Sketch

message&labelmessage&label Message & Label Ver.1Message & Label Ver.1

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package size : 2.87x3.65x0.59 (Inch)
Seventeen kinds of designs, three each. A total of 51 chapters.
It's made up of various kinds of stickers, so please check the size before you buy it.
Decorate your diary or notebook with label stickers.
It is contained in a box, making it easy to store and highly utilized.

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