iPhone users are set to get these new features, starting today

Almost a month after rolling out a major update — iOS 14.5 — Apple has yet another one for its iPhone users. The Cupertino-based tech giant rolled out iOS 14.6 to all iPhone users last night. While not as big as iOS 14.5 on features, the latest update does bring a few for the iPhone. Here are some of the new features that users can get with iOS 14.6:
New features to the Podcasts app
With iOS 14.6, Apple’s podcasts app gets the new subscription platform. It will allow podcasts to offer paid subscriptions to the users along with features like ad-free episodes and subscriber-only episodes.
Identifying songs/music on iPhone gets easier
Shazam, till now, could be used as a toggle to identify songs. However with iOS 14.6, users can turn it into an App Clip to get any information about the song. The process is the same but users will get song details through Shazam’s Clip App on the iPhone.
AirTag gets a few features
AirTag is Apple’s latest gadget and iOS 14.6 brings new features for it. If a users has lost the AirTag then they will now have the option to add an email address rather than a phone number. With iOS 14.6, AirTag will also show semi-hidden phone number of the owner when it is tapped with an NFC-capable device.
Apple Music gets better with iOS 14.6
Spatial audio, Dolby Atmos support, lossless music — all the new features will be available for iPhone users who have the Apple Music subscription. Do note that the features will be officially rolled out in June but iOS 14.6 will offer support for it.

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