iphone 7: How Apple FaceTime helped cops catch iPhone thieves

Two thieves decided to mug two teenagers near the Highworth Co-op store in London and steal their valuable belongings. They succeeded, landing themselves a haul of an iPhone 7 and a wallet that had 75 pounds, as per a report by Swindon Advertiser. Then, instead of fleeing and laying low and doing things you would expect a thief to do, they went to a restaurant and filmed their dinner over FaceTime with the stolen iPhone, without doing anything to the stolen iPhone, like resetting or disabling any function.
The thieves had actually driven off after stealing the iPhone but the license plate number of the car they drove off in was memorised by the victim who told it to the police. The thieves didn’t bother changing the car or any means to disguise their vehicle, a Vauxhall Corsa. Some hours later, the thieves were caught, with the FaceTime call record on iPhone serving as the incriminatory evidence against the two, one of whom has been identified as Kairo Theophilus-Reid. He is 21-years old. The other, his accomplice has been identified as Charlie Graham. He was, however, reportedly spared a prison sentence from the judge at Swindon Crown Court after his plea that he had been part of no criminal activities since 2019 and that his partner was expecting twins. He eventually got a year's imprisonment suspended for 18 months by the judge.
As per the report, “Theophilus-Reid, of Southwold Street, Hackney, admitted robbery. Rupert Hallowes, mitigating, said his client had matured and cut ties with former associates. His partner was pregnant with twins and he worked in the family takeaway. He must do 100 hours of unpaid work and up to 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days.”

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