INTEX 1.25″ to 1.5″ Type B Hose Adapters for Pumps & Saltwater System | Set of 2
Price: $24.99 - $22.80
(as of Aug 13,2022 21:38:27 UTC - Details)

The Type B Hose Adapter converts INTEX pools with 1.25" fittings to 1.5" fittings. These hose adapters will be needed when upgrading from a low flow pump system (1000 GPH or smaller) to a larger pump system (1500 GPH or larger).
Pack of 2
Coverts INTEX pools with 1.25" fittings to 1.5" fittings
Needed when upgrading a 1000 GPH INTEX pump or smaller, to a 1500 GPH INTEX pump or larger
Generally two adapters are needed to connect a larger pump
Part #: 10722/25009

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