How two Indian developers created apps to boost WFH productivity

In the last one year, work from home (WFH) has become the norm for most working professionals. Technology’s role in easing work from home has been paramount and at the heart of it have been apps. Be it video calling, task managers, calendars — apps have been crucial in making work from home simple. A few Indian developers have been making apps that help boosting productivity while working from home.
Take the case of Mustafa Yusuf, whose app Tasks helps in plan, organise and collaborate personal and professional projects with ease. The app — available on iOS — was developed by Yusuf, who got support from Apple. Yusuf attended WWDC — Apple’s annual developer conference — in 2019 and says that “the teams at Apple have been extremely fundamental to the success of Tasks.”

Akash Jain is another developer who has created Floret — a journal and planner app. The app allows users to add events, tasks, habits, and track their life journey with daily mood and gratitude check-ins. Jain used multiple apps to track and organise his life but felt something was missing. It was then he started working on Floret.
“I get multiple emails from people regarding how Floret has helped better their lives in these challenging times,” says Jain, who has used CloudKit to keep his app secure and private. He claims that users have performed about 250k daily check-ins, completed 400k tasks, and created 100k habits to make their lives better using Floret. Jain says that Apple’s teams have helped him with design as well as adding new technologies to his app.

Not all app developers create apps that benefit or support from companies like Apple and Google. Yusuf and Jain are among the select few. Yusuf says that the time and effort he put into developing his app for Apple’s platforms has paid off. He says that App Store features globally have driven organic growth. “It has contributed to higher visibility which otherwise would have been hard to achieve in a competitive category,” he adds.

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