How to Sell Homemade Soaps and Candles: Start a Homebased Profitable Soap and Candle Making Business- Learn how to Label, Package, Launch & Sell both on and Off-line
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Do you enjoy making handmade soap or candles? Are you looking for a fun work from home opportunity? Do you want to make money on your terms and be your own boss? In my book, How to Sell Homemade Soap and Candles, I will show you how to start a profitable business doing something you already love to do – making and selling soap and candles.

I will teach you everything I learned about starting, running, and growing a successful soap and candle making business. Years ago, I wanted to do something to contribute to my family financially while still being able to be home and raise my son. I was already making soap from scratch at home. When others took an interest in my homemade soap, the idea of starting a business took root.

You will learn all there is to know about starting a new business venture selling soap and candles. If you have found that you have lots of extra time on your hands, making and selling soap and candles can be a wonderful use of that time. You can make a profit in this business – I will show you how!

In this book, you will not find recipes or how-tos for crafting soap or candles. In fact, I would hope that you have already perfected your technique and know your recipes by heart. If you’re ready for the next step, this book is for you. This book is more like a business startup guide than a recipe book. This book is aimed at those crafters who already know they have a great product but are looking for ways to make money from that craft.

I made a profit from my soap and candle making business, and you can, too! In my book about starting a soap or candle selling business, I have done most of the heavy lifting for you. You will learn all about The FDA regulations, labeling, and registration requirements for soap or cosmetics. You will also learn about the legal requirements of disclosure and claims on your product. Next, you will learn about the common labeling mistakes made by manufacturers. After we discuss labels, you will learn about supply chains and manufacturing costs. We will discuss the dynamics of supply and demand in relation to a soap and candle selling business.

It’s always important to be prepared, so you will learn all about what you need to do before launching your business. I will give you an extensive checklist of what you should do before you even try to sell one bar of soap, including buying insurance and what your budget should look like. You will also learn about pricing, branding, setting up a website, and creating a sure-fire sales presentation.

You will learn the different ways you can sell your products and what might work best for you. Then, you will learn about what to do after your grand launch, including keeping records, managing accounting, and taking care of taxes.

To improve your chances of continued success, I will share with you how I continued to make my business successful. You will learn about advertising, marketing, gaining new customers, and how to easily expand your business with outsourcing. Saving money is paramount, so you will learn all about how to cut costs without cutting your bottom line.

This book makes the perfect gift for that budding entrepreneur you know. Be sure to add this title to your cart today!

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