How this USB tech could make carrying your laptop a lot easier

One of the biggest issues with laptops with high-end hardware, especially for gaming, is that you are required to carry a bulky charging adapter. For example, MSI GT76 Titan DT 10SGS comes with two charging adapters. Sometimes the entire ‘charging kit’ is so heavy that you end up using the gaming laptop as a desktop PC.
In order to make high-end Windows laptops more portable, particularly gaming laptops, and also to make USB Type-C more useful, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced that it is increasing its power capacity from 100W to 240W. This means most laptops will now be able to charge natively through the USB Type-C port, apart from those laptop models that require a power input of 330W or higher. So, with USB Type-C supporting up to 240W power intake, it should be able to cater to most models and also relieve you of the weight of the charger.
Having said that, existing USB Type-C cables and adapters will not be able to support 240W intake. You will need to buy a new EPR USB Type-C cable and charging adapter that supports 240W charging. According to The USB-IF, EPR means “Extended Power Range” and it will have some kind of visible identification to separate it from other low-capacity USB cables. Also, an EPR cable will be able to support up to 5A and 50V.
“All EPR cables shall be visibly identified with EPR cable identification icons as defined by the USB-IF. This is required so that end users will be able to confirm visually that the cable supports up to as high of PDP = 240W as defined in the USB PD specification,” it said in a statement.
Even with the increased load capacity of 240W, the USB Type-C may not be useful providing power to high-end gaming desktops or gaming consoles which generally requires upwards of 650W power. But your life will be a lot easier while carrying your office laptop.

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