Guduchi Supreme, Highest Potency, Dr. Gumman’s Ayurvedic Herbal Immune Support, Organic, 120 Vegan caps, Maximum Bio-Availability
Price: $23.95
(as of Jun 30,2022 04:10:09 UTC - Details)

Guduchi is a potent, rejuvenating, strengthening and detoxifying herb. It cleanses the body’s systems and organs. Harmonizes the immune system, allergies, liver, joints, skin, digestion, metabolism and reproductive systems. Gudimmune, our maximum potency Guduchi extract is synergized with TriperineTM, our proprietary extract of Ginger, Black Pepper, and Piper Longum to boost absorption, bio activity and efficacy.
We offer 120 Vegan capsules which are more than or double the average competitor. Our optimum larger capsule size with no fillers, preservatives or binders ensures utmost potency and therapeutic benefit.
Our Ayurvedic Products are formulated by Dr. Amit Gumman, one of the foremost practitioners of Ayurveda in North America. He teamed up with fellow Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, Allopathic Physicians in India and USA. He formed a coalition of organic and bio-dynamic farmers and sustainable harvesters.
Harmony’s team of expert scientists, chemists, pharmacists help with synergistic formulations, product development, stringent quality control. Our larger packing size of 120 count gives you most value for your money. Valued at $50.00, we are offering at $23.95 including shipping.
Harmony Nutraceuticals products are made with Love in Oklahoma, USA. Our manufacturing facility is GMP Certified. Our supplements are retested in the USA by third party for heavy metals, micro-biological, contamination and purity.

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