Google announces new tools for brands across Search, Shopping, Images, Maps and YouTube

Internet search giant Google has announced new tools for brands to create a digital space for them, making it easier to be discovered across Google platforms including Search, Shopping, Images, Maps and YouTube.
In a blog post, the company revealed a bunch of new features that will roll out across these platforms.
The company will soon allow companies to curate how their brand appears on Google for free. This, as per the company, can be done “through videos, rich lifestyle imagery and interactive story formats.”
Google will also soon allow online shoppers to visualise how clothing will look on them through an AR apparel experience.
Another thing that Google has announced that it will soon add is a merchant loyalty programme. Through this, Google said it will allow customers to access special loyalty pricing and benefits — including free shipping.
“If a consumer has a loyalty account with you, they will be able to instantly link it. If a consumer doesn’t, they’ll be able to easily join your loyalty program with a click of the “Create Account” button,” explained Google.
When it comes to Search, Google said that it will make it easier for shoppers to discover brands’ promotions by launching a deals results page on Search and the Shopping tab.
Another feature Google is testing on Search and Shopping tabs is that it will allow customers to discover products on Google by making them see a summary of all the buying options brands offer in one place.
“Whether it’s your e-commerce site, nearby store, or Google’s native checkout flow, this new cohesive format will make shopping easier for customers who expect convenience, and help you neatly showcase your brand’s expanded omni channel offerings,” added Google.
Google said that currently this feature is being tested on Search and the Shopping tab plans to bring it to YouTube and Images later this year.
When it comes to Google Maps and YouTube, Google said that it will start showing if the products that are part of local inventory ads are available for immediate store pick up, curbside pickup or pick up later.

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