Fitbit devices will tell how loudly you snore, here’s how

Smartwatches and fitness bands till now were restricted to sleep tracking features where they told users about their sleeping patterns and a few other details. Fitbit, however, is now set to offer more features, including snoring levels among others. According to a report by 9to5Google, the latest version of the Fitbit app comes with a host of sleep-related features.
For starters, there’s the Snore and Noise Detect feature, which when enabled turns on the microphone of the Fitbit device. It detects when a user has gone to sleep and then listens to ambient noise, like potential snoring. Fitbit device then analyses the noise levels to figure out a baseline noise level. The device will look for snore-specific noise and calculates if you are snoring or it is some other noise. The report by 9to5Google states that the room shouldn’t have louder noise for the feature to work accurately.
Do note that the snoring could be you or your partner as the Fitbit device analyses ambient sounds to determine this. Fitbit will detect snores and tell you how much time you spent snoring throughout the night. According to the report, a Fitbit device will have three levels: None to mild, which means a user was snoring for less than 10% of total sleep time; Moderate, which means snoring time was 10-40%; and Frequent which means snoring time was more than 40% of total sleep time.
This is a battery-consuming feature and Fitbit says that a device should be charged above 40% before you go off to sleep.
The feature has been rolled out as a software update and will come in Fitbit app version 3.42. The report says that the feature is not yet widely available but is expected to reach Fitbit users soon.

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