Every third smartwatch sold in the world is an Apple Watch

NEW DELHI: Apple has once again managed to retain its top position in the global smartwatch market, as per the research firm Counterpoint. Counterpoint has released the latest global smartwatch market report, which shows that the sale of the Apple Watch roughly accounts for a third of the world's total sale between January to March 2021.
According to Counterpoint, Apple maintained its leadership position, catalyzing the overall market growth by recording a 50% YoY increase in the demand for the new Series 6 models. As a result, Apple saw its market share climb by 3% points.
On the other hand, Samsung’s shipments also rose 27% YoY, with the popularity of the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active series. But the South Korean vendor’s growth was below the market average and it saw a small dip in its market share. Huawei continued to lose share compared to a strong quarter a year ago.

Senior Analyst Sujeong Lim said, “Apple was able to further solidify its leadership position in the market by widening the portfolio from Watch SE to Series 6 at the right time. This may drive Samsung to launch a mid-price-tier model to boost growth.”
The report further revealed that the Apple watchOS captured more than a third of the market with a growing attach rate to its base of billion iPhone users. Whereas, Google's Wear OS has not yet achieved success as most of the major smartwatch brands have developed and installed their own OS. Moreover, the Wear OS is also lacking behind in terms of features and it stands with only 4% of the total global smartwatch market share.

However, the trend for Wear OS is expected to change after the company announced its partnership with Samsung. Google will integrate Tizen OS with Google Wear OS to reinvigorate the market and go full force after the 3.5 billion Android user base.

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