battlegrounds mobile india launch date: Still working on Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date: Krafton

PUBG Mobile fans have been eagerly waiting for the Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch in India. But Krafton is yet to announce an official launch date. Apparently, it seems that the game developer has not yet finalised the launch date as of now.
Responding to the question “When Krafton is planning to launch this game in India?” on the support page of the game, Krafton has mentioned that they are still in the process of finalising the launch date and they will keep the Battlegrounds Mobile India fans posted on any further developments via their official website and social media platforms.
The post clearly worked out on the final launch date for the game. However, the post also signifies that the game might see an official launch date sooner than expected.
There are several leaks and rumours buzzing around the internet regarding the launch date of the game. Some suggest that the game will launch on June 10, while another report by IGN India claims that Krafton is planning to launch the game on June 18.
However, we are still waiting to hear an official launch date from Krafton itself.
Meanwhile, the Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile with almost similar gameplay, mechanics, graphics and more. The game will be a 100-player multiplayer battle royale similar to the original title.
However, Krafton has made some changes to the game such as the India-exclusive game will get an India specific treatment like exclusive in-game events, tournaments, leagues, outfits and more.
Apart from that, Krafton has also worked on improving the privacy and data security of the players as per Indian laws and regulations.

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