Apple expands Weather app’s Air Quality feature to more countries

NEW DELHI: Last year with iOS 14, Apple introduced a feature which enabled users to see Air Quality in the Weather app. At the time of the launch the functionality was limited to a few regions.
Now with the first beta of iOS 14.7, the company is expanding the feature to more countries. As reported by 9to5Mac, many Reddit and Twitter users revealed that they are able to use the feature in the Whether app now. The company has now started rolling out the Air Quality feature in Netherlands, France, Italy, Canada and Spain.
The measurement of air quality in the US is based on an Air Quality Index (AQI) which ranges from 0 to 500. The lower number in the Index represents better air quality and higher numbers are considered unhealthy.
The air quality information is displayed in a coloured bar within the Weather app on the iPhone. Along with the Weather app, the information about the air quality is also displayed on Apple Maps.
Recently, Apple announced a slew of new features that have been designed keeping in mind people with mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive disabilities.
Beginning May 20, Apple is launching a new serve — called SignTime — which will enable Apple customers to communicate with AppleCare and Retail Customer Care by using American Sign Language (ASL) in the US, British Sign Language (BSL) in the UK, or French Sign Language (LSF) in France through web browsers. Apple said that it plans to roll out the same support in other countries too.
The company is set to roll out software updates across all of Apple’s operating systems later this year to enable these features.

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