among us: You can get Among Us for free on PC, here’s how

If you are fond of the social deduction game Among Us, there is some very good news for you. The game can be had for free on Epic Games Store. That means if you and your friends buy it from Epic Games Store, you could then play online together on PC too. The offer will last till June 3, 8.30 pm, so there is plenty of time for you and your buddies to make that purchase.
Please note that the offer is valid only on the base game. If you want more of Among Us then you can go for the Among Us All-In-One Bundle for Rs 399. You’ll get access to all the skins and pets; you can choose any from the 10 alien pets to accompany you in the game
With the new game updates, developer Innersloth has tried to make the game safer for kids. After the game got The Airship map, the developers also updated it with an account system and a code of conduct. According to the rules, you can only make one Among Us account per device. You can’t link different platform accounts. Steam account will only work on Steam and so on. Also, creating an account is a must to access the ‘free chat’ option. Only people with accounts can change their display names freely. Without an account, you’ll have to choose from randomised names. For kids under the minimum age of digital consent, “you have to get a parent/guardian's permission to access free chat (which then allows you to create an account), or change your display name.”
Usernames are not exclusive and as such, multiple people can have the same username.
You can also report someone if you find them “acting inappropriately”. It includes “inappropriate names, inappropriate chat, cheating/hacking, and harassment/misconduct.” Stating the reason for reporting someone is a must.
Players who get a temporary ban will be blocked from accessing all online features and systems for a temporary amount of time (between 1 – 30 days) including alternate accounts. Those who get permanently banned will not be able to access any online feature and systems including alternate accounts, ever.

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