Aarogya Setu app is now getting a ‘Blue Tick’ feature

The government India’s one-stop smartphone app for Covid-19-- Aarogya Setu--is getting a new ‘Blue Tick’ feature. With this feature, the Aarogya Setu app will showcase your vaccination status. “Now your Vaccination Status can be updated on Aarogya Setu. Get yourself vaccinated - Get the Double Blue Ticks and Get the Blue Shield,” informed Aarogya Setu on its official Twitter handle.

As for the ‘Blue Tick’, it will appear beside the names of the registered people who have taken the vaccine. Citizens can register for the vaccine from the Aarogya Setu app itself by login with their phone number. With one phone number, you can register up to four people.
Aarogya Setu was initially made for the purpose of “contact tracing” of Covid-19 infected people and to show whether or not a particular user is in a high risk area where Covid-19 infection is prevalent. The app has, after several updates, provides almost all information regarding Covid-19 including registration for vaccines.
Having said that, the app still misses out one major feature-- vaccine availability alerts. India has opened the Covid-19 vaccination programme to all citizens above the age of 18 years. While the entire process is digital and quite easy to register, the biggest challenge is to get a confirmed appointment. With limited open slots, due to the shortage of Covid-19 vaccine in the country, it is not easy to get the vaccine.

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